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You don’t want just any job. You want a job that can lead to a career. Why not make it a great one?

Our clients include some of the most well-known and reputable companies in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, and distribution. Not only will we help you find the right job match, we’ll provide the training and coaching you need to reach all of your goals — and even get you to the next level.

Hire the perfect candidate.

Our goal isn’t just to find someone to do a job; we want the right someone for your company. Hunter Staffing will take care of you, whether you need additional workers  for temporary seasonal peaks, or need access to general laborers on an ongoing basis.  We take the time to get to know your company and your industry-specific hiring needs. In addition to providing a strict assessment of job skills, we consider the temperament and personal character of every potential hire.

We only consider the process complete once you have the perfect fit for your short-term and long-term staffing needs.

Hunter Staffing specializes in placing skilled workers and
general laborers in a wide range of positions, as listed below.

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